Case Studies

Pathways to success

Regaining social connections

Donald – 57 year old IT developer
Cathy is part of a road cycling group. She rides over a branch and fractures her radius and ulna requiring surgery. At 4 weeks she is diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. She is prescribed pregabalin, amitriptyline and escitalopram. She also has 3 stellate ganglion blocks with concentrated physiotherapy. After 3 months, her pain is significantly improved and she is ready to return to work part time.

Getting back to work

Cathy- 35 year old sales representative
Donald has had a disc prolapse after playing soccer with his son. He has had a discectomy but has persistent left lower limb pain. He is struggling with other issues including reduced employment, tension with his wife and ageing dependent parents. After review by a pain medicine psychiatrist he is started on Duloxetine. With our help he formulates an exercise plan that he and his wife can do together. He goes through an 8 week pain education course. After 6 months Donald is fitter, his mood is improved and he is managing his pain better.